Using Data & Insights to Build a Solid Product Strategy

Join us in this discussion with product strategists from Google, Airtable, and Smart Recruiters to learn how to identify strategic priorities and build your roadmap by using customer and product insights.

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About the webinar

Having a clear product is critical to give direction and ensure the success of any mature product organization. Defining a good product strategy encompasses the ability to understand your product’s core strengths, vision, differentiators, and the customer you’re trying to serve - and bringing this all together.

This webinar will have three product strategy experts to discuss how to effectively incorporate customer insights and behavioral data to validate, re-route, or improve their product strategy and roadmaps.

Meet the Speakers

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Chris Butler

Lead Product Manager @Google

Chris Butler is a chaotic good product manager and the Lead Product Manager at Google's Core Machine Learning team, leading PM experience and strategy. He is also a writer and speaker and focuses on bias, uncertainty, and randomization to help build more robust and resilient teams. Chris has over 20 years of product management leadership at Microsoft, Waze, KAYAK, Facebook Reality Labs, and Cognizant.

Wade G. Morgan

Product Strategy

& Ops Lead


Wade G. Morgan is a sneakerhead and the Product Strategy & Ops Lead at Airtable, where he looks at the competition, M&A, and other activities that impact the future goals of the organization. He’s passionate about innovative people and companies and was recently listed as one of the top Product Management Mentors by Sharebird. Previously, Wade participated in Linkedin’s Business Leadership program and had experience in multiple sales roles.

Adam Thomas

Product Strategy Consultant

Adam Thomas has 10 years of experience as a wartime product person who loves to create products and organizations amidst the chaos. After teaming with product experts like Marty Cagan, Melissa Perri, and John Cutler, and working in leadership roles at Informed and Smart Recruiters, Adam started his own company to help empowered product teams build customer-centric product strategy in a fast, data informed, and politically safe way.

Rodrigo Pantigas

Co-Founder & Product @Birdie

Rodrigo (known as Pants) is a co-founder at Birdie. As a self-taught Product Manager, he learned how to code and build products while managing technology and infrastructure projects and was responsible for building an enterprise Digital Asset Management platform used by companies Mitsubishi Motors, Coca-Cola, and Danone. He decided to start Birdie in order to make it easier for PMs to incorporate customer feedback into their Product Management process.

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The importance of having a product strategy that takes the customer into consideration

How to align your team on the problems you’re trying to solve

How to collect and act on data to get the answers you need

How and when to reassess your strategy to continue winning

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