Mastering stakeholder influence with communication, data & processes

Join us to learn the trifecta of influencing stakeholders in product management to bring more effective results and catapult your career.

All from someone who managed her way up from a PM to a product executive twice in her career: Akahsha Edwards, Director of Product @Zendesk, and from one of the most influential people in Asia-Pacific’s Product Management community, Adrienne Tan, CEO of Brainmates.

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About the webinar

Stakeholder management is a skill that is normally overlooked by most product managers, who focus a lot of their energy on hard skills, product frameworks, and data analysis.

Mastering how you communicate with stakeholders to influence them and get their buy-in is what makes truly great product managers. Combining that skill with data and processes unleashes your ability to increase your impact in the organization, leading to better outcomes and to higher chances of success.

This 60 minutes roundtable with two experts aims to give you a clear path on how to do great stakeholder management and engagement and fits the agenda of even the busiest of the PMs.

Meet the Speakers

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Akahsha Edwards

Director of Product @Zendesk

Akahsha Edwards is the Director of Product @Zendesk, where she leads the Developer Ecosystem and Sandboxes product groups. After starting her career in communications, Akahsha pivoted to product and used her knowledge to, in just a couple of years, become the Head of Product at JobAdder, an Australian HRTech trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. She then joined Zendesk as a Group Product Manager and once again managed her way up to becoming a leader in one of the world’s fastest-growing organizations.

Adrienne Tan

Co-founder and CEO @Brainmates

Adrienne Tan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brainmates, a product management agency offering training, consulting and product events. Adrienne has been promoting Product Management best practices since 2000, and has helped hundreds of organisations leverage product management to drive business value, earning international recognition for raising the profile of the profession. She is the co-founder of Leading the Product and Product Women, a speaker at multiple Product Management events worldwide, and a board member of the Association of Product Professionals.

Rodrigo Pantigas

Co-Founder & Product @Birdie

Rodrigo (mostly know as Pants) is a self-taught Product Manager who learned how to code and build products while working at different companies. After managing technology and infrastructure projects and building an enterprise Digital Asset Management platform used by companies Mitsubishi Motors, Coca-Cola, and Danone, he decided to start Birdie in order to make it easier for Product Managers to incorporate customer feedback into their Product Management process.

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The true power of great stakeholder management as a key to achieving the outcomes you want

How to identify your key stakeholders, their preferences, and how they can affect your goals

How to use data and processes to help you build trust and to better manage stakeholders

How to practice and improve your stakeholder management skills

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