Experts roundtable: How to use customer feedback in product management

Learn with Product Leaders with experience in companies such as Peloton, Adobe and Nubank how to get product insights to build strategies that drive growth and retention.

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About the webinar

There is a lot of buzz around building a customer-centric culture, but what are companies doing to make it a reality? Listening to the voice of the customer is more than collecting feedback: it means putting the customer in the center of every strategic decision, especially when it comes to Product Development. 

Join us in this 60 minutes discussion with Product Leaders about the best practices for capturing and using customer feedback in your product prioritization and management.

Meet the Speakers

Learn with the best experts in the market and increase your product team efficiency

Alexandre Spengler CPO@Birdie, former Head of Product at Nubank

Alexandre Spengler is currently Head of Product at Birdie, an early-stage startup founded in Silicon Valley that is using AI to help Product Managers create successful products. Previously, he was Product Director at Hotmart, CPO at Stilingue, Head of Products at Nubank, and GPM at RD Station. Also, he is a thought leader at Product Backstage, the first podcast focused on Product Management in Brazil, and at Product Crafters, where he maintains a blog and courses on product and leadership of product teams.

Tom Laughlin

Head of Product@Jetson, former Head of Product @Peloton

Tom Laughlin is the Director of Product at Jetson. He is currently building the product roadmap, assembling hardware development teams, and driving user-centric innovation for the company's line of electric bikes and scooters. Previously, Tom defended the customer experience as a Product Manager at Peloton where he led the hardware sustaining team toward improvement of the Tread product quality. He first became a Product Manager during his time at Leviton, a leader in commercial and residential electrical wiring devices, where he helped grow the business in a brand-new product category.

Demian Borba

Principal Product Manager @Intuit, previously at Adobe and Paypal

Demian is a Product Manager at Intuit, a business software company with more than 100 million clients. With almost 20 years of career, he was one of the first Product Managers for Adobe XD in Silicon Valley. Companies such as PayPal, Braintree, BlackBerry, UCSD, and multiple digital agencies, including his own, Action Creations in San Diego, made part of his professional experiences. Demian is committed to the growth of new innovators by teaching Design, Development, and Design Thinking and has already spoken at global conferences, including Adobe MAX, Adobe Summit, Awwwards, and ProductCon.

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How to establish a process to constantly collect and analyze customer feedback

How to convert feedback into useful information to feed roadmap prioritization

Steps and challenges to establish a customer-centric culture inside product teams

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