Here are some of the things you will find out in this ebook:

• Layoffs and crisis: does product ops become more or less important?

• How can ProdOps help companies build a more customer-centric and data-informed culture?

• What are the common misconceptions you see out there when it comes to Product Ops?

• And more

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Meet the Specialists

We asked eight questions to eight product ops professionals to help you understand what this field is all about - and whether and how you can successfully implement it in your organization.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Antonia Landi

ProdOps Consultant & Coach

Casey Flinn

Sr. Director ProdOps, Realtor.com

Chris Compston

ProdOps Lead,


Gabby Peralta

ProdOps Manager,


Joshua McLaughlin

Freelance Product Manager

Thais Rigolon

Partner & ProdOps Manager, Neon

Denise Tiles



Jenny Wanger

Product Consultant & Coach

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About the eBook

No matter where you look, it feels like Product Ops is a part of every discussion around Product Management nowadays. With the proliferation of product management tools, the growth of product teams, and the advent of data-driven and customer-centric product management, a new discipline arose inside product management: product operations or product ops.

As happens with any new area, there is still a lot of confusion around what exactly product ops is, what they should be responsible for, and how it can positively impact results. To clear that confusion and help companies establish a successful product ops structure, we’ve asked 8 specialists to answer some questions and compiled their answers in this ebook.

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