From Product Leadership to the C-Suite with Cision’s GM

We all heard the phrase “A PM is the CEO of the product”. Controversies aside, what happens when that goes from just an analogy to reality?

Having your role increase from being responsible only for Product to also being in charge of Sales, Customer Support and Operations can change the way you build and prioritize your roadmaps, interact with customers, and apply your product management skills.

This talk, led by the VP of Product at Cision, a company worth more than 3 bi, will guide you through what are these differences - and how this can make you better as a Product Leader.

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About the masterclass

Good product leadership is all about empowering your teams, understanding your customers, and achieving great outcomes. As a PM, you need to interact with multiple stakeholders, all the time, in order to get to the results you want.

Oftentimes, these stakeholders are in Sales and Customer Support, and they are questioning and challenging your decisions, bringing different perspectives based on what is happening with their teams and customer interactions. If you wondered what would change if you’d become responsible for these teams - in a general manager role - we might have the answer for you in this masterclass.

Cision’s VP of Product, Sinean, has recently become responsible for the whole Buzzsumo operations, and will share her experience to explain the main differences between being a VP of Product and a C-Level/General Manager executive - and much more.

Meet the Speaker

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Sinead Norenius-Raniere

VP of Product Management


Sinead Norenius-Raniere is the VP of Product Management at Cision, a PRtech company who owns products like Buzzsumo and Brandwatch, where she is responsible for the whole P&L of Buzzsumo and two other products.

Sinead is a seasoned product executive who did it all - research, product launches, acquisitions, and go-to-market plans, a pioneer and thought leader in the influencer marketing space, won multiple innovation awards, and exited twice as a founder.

By combining an in-depth understanding of customer needs, stakeholder relationship skills, and an extensive experience in product strategy and management, Sinead was able to outgrow the Product Management role responsibilities and is also in charge of global Sales and Operations for Buzzsumo.

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