Problem, Solution, Review: Product Discovery

Product Discovery is one of the most important aspects of great product management, and also one of the hardest to do right. It involves user research, data analysis, and prioritization, among others.

This talk covers the principles to build and execute a good product discovery process to ensure you’re achieving your expected outcomes - and building products that people want.

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About the masterclass

In less than 3 years, Miro went from 3 million users and 300 employees to 20+ million users and 2000 people around the world, becoming one of the fastest-growing B2B startups in history. Building and maintaining a scalable, yet powerful product discovery process was a key part of the company’s success to continue innovating and delivering what users expected.

But how can a product team establish an effective Product Discovery? Which challenges will you face in each step of the process - and how to overcome them? And what are the things you should do and avoid in order to be successful?

Learn the lessons shared by a Product Manager who has been there and done that not only at Miro but also at other organizations.

Meet the Speaker

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Julia Rudge

Sr. Product Manager


Julia Rudge, is a Sr. Product Manager at Miro, a product used globally by more than 20 million users where she leads collaboration and runs experiences with AI and other innovative technologies.

With a background in marketing and business, Julia has been working in product management for more than 10 years. She has experienced different discovery processes in startups, scale-ups, and unicorns, having worked for companies like Uber, Loft, and her own startup.

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