Scaling feedback loops across the Product Development Lifecycle

We all know that continuously collecting customer feedback and understanding their is crucial in the process of building great products.

But data collection is just the beginning: companies need to create continuous and scalable feedback loops to ensure that feedback is translated into insights, actions, and results.

This talk, led by GitHub’s Director of Product Operations, covers how Product Ops can build, optimize, and scale efficient feedback loops across the product lifecycle.

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About the masterclass

Used by 100 million developers worldwide, GitHub is the go-to platform for almost any software developer today, and a success case of building community and passion around a product. A big part of this success is based on continuously understanding and listening to their users’ expectations and needs - from when they had just a handful of users until now.

Building a system where customer feedback was not only captured, but also processed and taken into consideration in the different steps of the product lifecycle, has become a key aspect of the company’s product organization.

Learn from Github’s Director of Product Operations what she has to share about building and scaling feedback loops across the PDLC both in Github and other organizations.

Meet the Speaker

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Learn with the best experts in the market and develop your product practice.

Michelle Merrill

Director of Product Ops


Michelle Merrill, Director of Product Operations at GitHub, is most passionate about her work in helping organizations surface and identify insights that make change management more effective. From her early days as a Product Planner, plunking through AS400 queries, Michelle quickly learned the value of extrapolating data to understand relationships.

Continuous improvement has been a foundational tenet throughout her career and even now in her current role as she oversees solution design in PM touchpoints in GitHub’s PDLC like Product Roadmap, Release Management, Changelog and Product feedback ecosystems. Though her career spans several industries including SaaS Technology, Aerospace, Energy and Semiconductor within the Fortune 100, some of her happiest career moments include leading business transformation projects to help organizations integrate strategy, process and technology to increase effectiveness and velocity.

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