Customer Feedback Analysis Template

Customer Feedback Analysis Template

Analyze user feedback from different sources to identify common and emerging issues and opportunities in your product.

Our User Feedback Analysis Template comes with:

- a classification model to help you categorize and weight your feedback;

- a ready-to-use tagging taxonomy for digital products;

- an analysis dashboard.

Use it to gather and quantify evidence and reduce uncertainty from your product decisions.

A smart tool to help you categorize your customer feedback and identify assets & liabilities for better product roadmap prioritization

Save time analyzing customer feedback with this easy-to-use template

Save time analysing customer feedback with this template

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Extract more value from different sources of feedback for better strategies

Is the process of tagging customer feedback taking a lot of time and effort from you or your product team?

What if you could automate that process and make it easier to identify key opportunities and solutions to prioritize?

Do you want to extract valuable insights from user feedback and use it to support more customer-centric initiatives?

This template helps you automate classification and weighting of customer feedback - from support tickets, NPS surveys, user interviews, reviews, and more - to help product teams identify common issues and expectations, quantify their relevance, and use it as evidence to make decisions and prioritize initiatives.

This template automates classification and weighting of customer feedback - from NPS surveys, customer calls, or even reviews - to help product teams identify common issues and expectations and prioritize initiatives.

Benefits of using this template to analyze

customer feedback

Centralize all your qualitative feedback in a single spreadsheet

Categorize comments in a faster and more efficient manner

Easily weight, quantify, and analyze qualitative data

Identify and monitor attributes leading to increase in promoters and detractors

Gather evidence to effectively estimate reach and impact in order to better prioritize features

Establish a customer-centric product development process and close the feedback loop

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